Frequent questions

  • How does the “PUENTES” program works?

    The National Emergent Academic Program for Higher Education Studies Completion (PUENTES), has the objective of facilitating the admission of young Mexican students that are attending their bachelor studies in the USA and wishes to conclude them in a Higher Education Institution in Mexico.

    To do it, they need to fulfill an application in this website with two options of academic programs and universities of their preference. Once sent the application, the responsible of the program in the selected university will get in contact with the student to give them further details of availability and the process they need to follow to formalize their admissions.

  • Does enrollment in “PUENTES” program guarantee my place in the selected Mexican Higher Education Institution?

    No, PUENTES is the link between students and Mexican higher education Institutions. The availability and process of admission are determinate by the selected Mexican institution.

  • What happen if the selected program does not have availability?

    We encourage the candidates to fill their application with more than one desire option of study, this way it will be easier to find a place for the student.

    In case that the student is not selected in any of both options, he/she will be able to apply again to PUENTES and choose two new university programs, as long as he/she has fulfilled the previous rejection reasons.

  • The process has a cost?

    The process of contact between the student and the University of their Preference trough PUENTES has no cost. Nevertheless, the process of enrollment or tuition may have a cost that will vary depending on the institution.

    Please be aware that no person should charge any cost of intermediation between your paperwork and the institution of your choice.

  • If I don’t have the documents of evidence with me, Can I apply to “PUENTES” Program?

    Yes, you don’t need to attach any document for filling the application.

    The documentation that proves your previous studies in the United States will be required by the Mexican institutions, in the dates that they determinate to formalize the process of admission.

  • Can I sing up in a Mexican institution if I don’t have the document of evidence that proves my studies in the United States of America?

    Each Mexican university will establish the deadline in which the student must deliver the necessary documentation that proves the accredited studies in the American University, as well as the documents that proves their Mexican nationality, to conclude their admission process.

  • What happen after I send my application?

    Once the application is sent the system of PUENTES will send you a registration number and the contact information of the responsible at the selected Mexican University, who will be in contact with you by e-mail to inform you about the process you need to follow to continue with the application.

  • How long does it takes for a Mexican University to get in contact with me?

    The response time is around 10 business days.

  • What happen if I don’t get an answer from the Mexican University in the stablished time?

    If you have sent an application and have passed more than 10 business days, please communicate to: +52(55)54204900 exts. 4923, 4987, 4921, 4978, 1137 or

    There is no need of filling a new application.

  • How does the revalidation of studies works?

    The revalidation of studies will be determined by the admission policies of each Mexican Higher Education Institution.

    The Mexican institution that you choose to the termination of your higher studies will review your application and determinate the availability for your incorporation and if applicable, will ask you to prove the corresponding advance.

    The institution that welcomes you, according to its policies, may also require that you present a revalidation test, that you take a course to level your knowledge or that you participate in Spanish courses, with the intention of integrating you in the best of conditions at the academic program of your preference.

  • What percentage of my studies in the United States will be revalidated at the Mexican Universities?

    According to the evidence and level of studies you present, the Mexican institution will review the credits and the equivalent subjects to determinate the percentage of studies that can be revalidated, this information will be communicated to you before you enter the Mexican institution to conclude your studies.

  • Does the revalidation process have a cost?

    The revalidation process has no cost; nevertheless if you are accepted in the institution of your preference, the admission process will be determined in accordance to the admission policy of that institution.

  •  What are the “areas of study” asked in the application of PUENTES?
    It is a grouping of careers and specialties of an educational program, taking into account the similarity of their respective theoretical content, learning purpose and object of study.
  • How much does it costs to study in a Mexican University?
    Registration and tuition fees vary according to the type of Mexican institution, whether it is public or private, and the program of study selected.
  • If I only took a part of the first semester and because of that, don’t have any final scores yet, Can I enroll in a Mexican institution?
    You will have to check with the chosen institution what are deadlines and requirements for first-entry students.
  • In the event that there are no places available in the institution and area of my interest, who and how would I be contacted to be able to choose another option?
    We will suggest a variety of institutions in the same geographic area.
  • If the area of knowledge and the career I studied is not available in Mexico, can I select a different one?
    You will have to choose a career within the area of belonging knowledge that you have attended and you have not been able to complete in the United States of America.
  • If my application is not accepted, can I immediately make a new application for another institution?
    Yes; But you must fulfil the reasons why the previous one was rejected.
  • According to point III of the Call regarding the commitment to cover the expenses generated by these studies, does it mean that I will never be able to request a scholarship or support?
    This commitment does not invalidate the possibility of having access to apply for a scholarship.
  • The proficiency I have of the Spanish language is very limited, how can I know before applying which institutions offer language courses?
    It is very likely that in any institution that offers you the possibility of entry there is a language centre. You should contact the appropriate responsible and ask directly about this need.