Nature of the program

Due to the political situation in the United States of America, we envisage a possible affectation to the future of the young people born in Mexico that had to move to the USA at an early age and that are today attending colleges and universities, whom by its migration status might be deported and suspend their studies.

ANUIES designed the National Emergent Academic Program for Higher Education Studies Completion (PUENTES) with the aim of fulfilling its purpose and its social responsibility with Mexico and in accordance with the measures announced by our President, Enrique Peña, so that Mexican migrants studying abroad can revalidate their studies and join the national education system.

Due to the mentioned above, the General Executive Secretariat of ANUIES calls on all associated higher education institutions, inviting them to join efforts to support young Mexicans residing in the United States of America through the facilitation of extraordinary admission procedures, in accordance with their regulations to simplify the respective procedures.